Friday, February 14, 2014

Long Time No See
Here's The New Spoken Word Album By
Adora Lee
Unleashed Litter

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review from 7days

The Caring Babies, Butter on the Trestle/Pliable Tones, The Lost Adventures of the Space Patrol

(Robot Octopus Vs. Zombie Teddy Bears Records, CD, cassette, digital download)
When last we heard from Matt Mazur and Redgei’s the Caring Babies, the White River Junction-based duo delivered a delightfully offbeat seven-inch, The Gold Friends. At a brisk four songs, the record was an exercise in experimental pop efficiency. It’s only logical, then, that they’d follow it up with a veritable epic, the 17-track Butter on the Trestle, a recording that picks up where that seven-inch left off and delves even further down the lo-fi electro-pop rabbit hole — with the aid of an array of musical tour guides, no less, including unicorns and robots. And beards. Long, luxurious beards.
But the Caring Babies are only half of the story.Butter on the Trestle is Side A of a split cassette with fellow Upper Valley oddball Pliable Tones — aka Fred Polizzi — who complements the Babies’ hefty volume with a sci-fi opus of his own, The Lost Adventures of the Space Patrol. But where Mazur and Redgei generally favor wistful pop couched in playful electronic bleeps and bloops, Polizzi takes a more sinister tack with ethereal suites that evoke the dark, synth-heavy soundtracks of 1980s sci-fi flicks such as Blade Runner and Escape From New York.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

THe Caring Babies / Pliable Tones Limited Edition CD/Cassette Split

Limited to 100 Copies (CD)
 Limited to 50 Copies (Cassette)

Side A The Caring Babies album "Butter on the Trestle"

Side B Pliable Tones album "The Lost Adventures of the Space Patrollers"

Both albums are available for free downloads or 
Contact Me if you would like a copy to Trade, Review for a Zine 
or carry copies at your local Record Shop /  Distro

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Caring Babies ( Limited Edition Glow In the Dark Vinyl With Coloring Pages by Mister Hope )

Limited to 200 Glow In the Dark Vinyls
Contact Me if you would like to trade or carry copies at your local record shop or Distro

100 Copies Include the New Issue Of Oh You! A Record Magazine
Contact Matt if you would like to purchase one of these

Enjoy more art from Mister Hope 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pliable Tones Cassette

Pliable Tones Cassette featuring 60 minutes of Sounds 
Songs Include

Side a.
jonah VS. a coconut tree
paying tolls to a troll
another writing spell
describing my daily routine in over 100 letters
a learning curve pt.2
the wisdom of paul begley
through the woods into a desert
growing inside a humans intestine
the end?
the death of pitfall harry
baby birds gargle vomit for dinner
a brief history about operators
playing a nose harp
praying in a coffin
upside to a b side
sitting in front of a fan with a piƱa colada
giving a speech to turtles
with age comes wisdom
your panda bear is turning purple

Side b.
self explanatory acts of unconventional kindness
the mirror painted a ugly picture
city of abandoned robotic citizens
live at the floating astroid flarb and silb
entrance to the fangrul mines
surfing the waves of lava
spoken words at cafe turzat
enjoying wen pharmhies
the calls of the stragfaller
left a part of me behind
neutron dance (karaoke)
inside a bears stomach during hibernation
p.s.a. for the fall season
panhandling for beer
paranoid personality disorder
peas popping out a pod
pineapples escape islands during tropical storms

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Caring Babies "Gold Friends" 7" is available Now!!!!
This is a Split Release by 
Robot Octopus VS. Zombie Teddy Bear Records 
The Case of the Missing Records

Songs Include:
Side A
1) Gold Friends
2) Ancient Writings

Side B
1) Balloon Advent
2) Rock A De Rock

If you would like to purchase a copy please get in touch with Matt Mazur
If you would Like to make a trade (Music/ Art / toys ) contact Fred at